My Top 10 80s Songs of All Time #4

As a kid, I was always a pop music fan. Oh and country too. But for the most of the 80s, with just a couple of exceptions for bands like Bon Jovi (which could be called hair pop) and Van Halen, rock was not my bag.  There was plenty of fun pop to keep me happy and Hair Bands just never appealed to me.

Then in 1987, someone came on the scene that changed my young life.  I was 14 years old and impressionable.  Deep in the heart of the Middle School Jungle I had really just discovered girls for real.  And there she was – a creature the likes I had never seen before.  Hell, I had no idea such a perfect animal existed. Her name? Tawny Kitaen.

In 1987, The band Whitesnake released the album Slide it In. It was the first album the band had released that moved away from it’s more blues inspired 70s sound to a polished 80s studio sound. And it rocketed up the charts. Slide it In went multiplatinum and peaked at number 2 on the billboard chart on the strength of two songs. The power ballad Is This Love and the certified smash hit Here I Go Again.

But it was the music video for the latter that changed my young life and that cemented it’s spot on this list.  San Diego born model and actress Tawny Kitaen danced, crawled and slithered her way across the hoods of a Jaguars for 4 minutes and 33 seconds that the 14-year-old me-never wanted to end.  Every time the video came on MTV I simultaneously had to watch and felt like I needed to sneak a peek so I didn’t get caught. I felt for sure that I shouldn’t be watching this stuff and surely I was getting away with something.

Watching the video now, it’s really interesting to see how much Whitesnake was pushing the envelope back then.  Most of the scenes would pass easily on TV now, but in 87, this stuff must have been considered DIRTY.

The song stands up on its own. It’s a great tune and David Coverdale has one of the most robust and strong voices of any 80s rock band. Remember by 87 he’d been lead singer of Whitesnake for 9 years. He’d formed the band in 1978 after leaving the band Deep Purple.  So the spotlight wasn’t new for him and it shows in this video.  I imagine a Whitesnake show in the 80s was probably second to none.  But I’m sure it would have been better if Tawny was there too.

Fun Fact: Coverdale and Kitaen married in 89 but divorced two years later.